Kaikoura Fishing Tours

2 hours crayfishing and fishing: good for the quick trip to hopefully get a bit of crayfish and fish for the next few days, awesome for travellers and locals who don’t know if they will like fishing, and also great for kids or first timers.

Half day 4 hours crayfishing and fishing: great for the keen fisherman or woman wanting that bit longer chasing blue cod, perch with the odd terakihi and groper on the good days with a bit longer travel time. However, the Tessa B is built for comfort and speed so getting to those spots a bit further away is no problem.

5 hours crayfishing and fishing: go that bit further and get to the even less fished fishing grounds chasing blue cod, sea perch and terrakihi.

Groper/bluenose crayfishing and fishing 7 hours: a great day out using electric reels for the deep drops, chasing the bigger fish then having a look for some blue cod after then pulling the pots on the way home to hopefully get a taste of crayfish. Lunch provided.